Why I NEVER Spring Clean My Closet

Contrary to what everyone else is doing or has done with their personal closet this spring… I personally don’t ever recommend spring cleaning your closet. Now if space is an issue in your home well then you have no eff’n choice but I always have a fur on hand in July and a swimsuit in a drawer in December. As ridiculous as that may sound to some. I have a simple reason for it, I dress for the occasion not the weather.

Next time someone asks me “why my closet has a fur in it when it’s June?” I’ll have a specific place to send them – this blog

Your Girl who Hustles in Heels


2 thoughts on “Why I NEVER Spring Clean My Closet

  1. Love I dress for the occasion and not the season! Well spoken ! So I have them ripped denim mini that I’ve had for say a decade and I just read in COSMO August edition that it is a great substitute for your FAV worn-in jeans 🙌 I knew I didn’t want to part with it for a reason 😉

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