What To Wear To Thanksgiving

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Every year my friends ask me for advice on what they should wear to Thanksgiving. This year I’m going to get ahead of y’all and just put these 5 suggestions to keep you fabulous & comfy during dinner.

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  1. Tops: Should be oversized to help hide the bulge you will have after your third serving at dinner.
  1. Bottoms: These should be a form of leggings, jeggings or anything that has more than 2% spandex
  1. Shoes should be comfy but should make a strong statement since you are in leggings. They should also be able to support you when your feet swell from the salt.
  1. Accessories keep simple but make it fashion. Don’t want accessories falling into anyone plate as you reach for the rolls.

If you keep these 5 suggestions in mind when putting your Thanksgiving outfit together you should look fabulous and be extra comfy through out dinner.

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Repurposed Jacket D.I.Y

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Repurposed Military Jacket

One fuzzy sweater and one military jacket turned into one fabulous repurposed jacket that is sure to make a statement.

White Fuzzy Sweater
Military Style Jacket

I removed the sleeves on both items at the shoulder seam, removed all buttons and the belt off the military jacket. Then sewed the fuzzy sweater sleeves to the military jacket at the seams and then put on new gold buttons. Finally Replaced the original belt with a gold belt.

I gave my jacket some street vibes by adding some cities id love to visit and on the back I tagged my city.

Will be adding this jacket to my Poshmark Closet!

Your girl who hustle in heels


Fall Trends I Pulled From HIS Closet


I was looking for a look not too far from my normal vibe. I really wanted the oversized/baggy look that is trending for fall. I found myself in husbands closet.

My husband’s closet doesn’t get the attention it deserves. He has structured shirts, warm sweaters and long blazers in his closet. This haul was so much fun that I ended creating 3 looks.  Thanks to #FashionWeeks across the world oversized is the new fit.

Photo credit Nikkie A.

His Hoodie – as an off the shoulder dress and a pair of ankle boot.

His Suit – As a suit with a bodysuit under in case I wanted an off the shoulder look. The pants I secured with a belt. Handbag is a custom #SBDesign

His Button down – Over a bodysuit, a pair of distressed jeans and a snake print sole clear strap sandal from @j0couture

Don’t forget the layered necklaces and a pair of chic sunglasses to complete your looks.

I had so much fun with this experience I encourage my readers to modify the tips and tricks above to best fit their fashion needs. Tag me in your social media post ❤

Which was your favourite? Leave a comment ❤❤❤

Your girl who hustles in heels


Recap for September 2019 NYFW


From my styling closet in Skokie, Il I sat with a glass of my favorite wine to watch a weeks worth of N.Y.F.W shows but don’t feel bad for me I enjoyed every second of it!

Big thanks to NYFW All Access App for giving me all the footage of the shows and to the amazing Claire Sulmers at fashionbombdaily who made me feel like I was in them New York streets as I watched her LIVE via Instagram throughout the shows.

Here’s some of my absolute favorites from this week’s shows that promoted boss babe vibes, inclusivity and body positivity as always I love to hear your feedback and keeps me going.

S By Serena
Tommy x Zendeya
Savage Fenty
Vera Wang
Sally La Pointe

your Girl who Hustles in Heels,

Not Grandmas Pearls these are #ExtraAF


Pearls everywhere for fall I am borderline obsessed with adding them into my everyday looks. So, I pulled mine out of my jewelry box to think of ways to update my grandmas pearls and give them my #ExtraAF vibe.


The string of pearl you have been holding to all these years meets a gold rope chain and a jeweled necklace for that layered look.

String Pearl Necklace revamp


I mean there isn’t anything wrong with the pearl studs that sit in your jewelry box but why not add some #ExtraAF vibes with drop pearl earrings?

Why not trade in the pearl studs

Side note: drop pearl earrings are available to purchase via my Poshmark closet


Take your old pearl ring and stack a metal color whether it be gold or silver. To complete this lux look.

Let’s add some extraness on our fingers

Always remember that accessories can take a simple look to #EXTRAAF

Your girl who hustles in heels,