4 SOLE Saving Tips

Do you find yourself with achy feet by the end of the day in your heels? Well now I have the greatest solutions known to women and/or men!

1) Do NOT put your heels on until you walk out the door.

Putting your heels on before you leave is a mistake many people make. You put your marvelous, breathe-taking outfit together and you throw it on and compliment yourself in the mirror, take a few 50 selfies only to post one… But that is for another blog. You do NOT want to dance around while doing your makeup or hair in your heels! You’ll kill your feet before you have a chance to walk down to your car.

2) Keep a spare pair of comfy slippers or gym shoes.

Instead of waiting until you are about to walk out of your door why not wait until you arrive to your destination? Sure your 42 year old neighbor might think your fashion sense is a little off as you run to your car in neon gym shoes but at least you’ll save your soles an extra hour or two with out pressuring them while you drive.

3) Organize your heels into two categories walking and sitting shoes.

This will help when you are getting dressed. No one wants to wear sitting shoes when a lot of walking is involved. What are sitting shoes? They are the heels you love to look at and they are the heels you wear when there will be lots of sitting time.

4) Just leave them in the box.

It is the answer to ever difficult problem in life- don’t  do it. This mean don’t go out and buy next seasons Giuseppe Zanotti. Unless your willing to admire them on a shelf as a piece of art 😍 which isn’t a bad idea.

That being said-  If you can’t take the heel step out the shoe.

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