About Last Night: It Was a Nigel Barker and Jaslene Gonzalez Kinda Night

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Nigel Barker’s Behind the Lens master class. I even took my camera (it never made it out the bag) but my phone took some great shots.

Here’s me testing my light (inside joke)

After the class Nigel took us on a photo walk downtown Chicago. Which I totally missed out on btw because I had an impromptu photoshoot with Jocelyn Gonzalez, ANTM season 8 winner & photographer Alina Gofman on Ontario and State. Where Jaslene gave me the opportunity to add some SB to her amazing look. I added some jewelry and a pair stilettos that I carried in my camera bag. I’ll post a picture on the gram next Shoesday Tuesday.

Such an amazing night. Met great people and made some important connections.

Your Girl- SB

Fashion Friday 8 Amazon Pieces for Fall

Here are 8 Fall Pieces straight from Amazon fashion. They are versatile and trendy. Easy to pair with other pieces already in your wardrobe.

I recently became an amazon affiliate!! Exciting news over here lol!! What that will mean to you – is that I will be finding some cute pieces to use on my look books for Fashion Friday’s.

Legal: I do earn a small commission for the referral at no extra cost to you 💌

All pieces are linked below

Fashion Friday with Miranda Frye

Miranda Frye is unique, high-quality jewelry collections that inspire creativity and celebrates the positive impact each of us holds in being uniquely ourselves. 

Affiliate link below, I receive a commission for my referral. At no extra cost to you.

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Shop My Favorite Pieces

Miranda Frye Jewelry styled by stilett0b0ss
Miranda Frye styled x stilett0b0ss

Fall 2022 Trend Prediction Report

Fall is almost here and with that being said here is my trend prediction report for this upcoming season. Now I know we have this conversation every year, Y’all are not thinking about fall just yet. Especially since the weather is still pretty hot outside. But now is the perfect time to start looking to your fall wardrobe.

This trend report gives you a peek into what you will see in the stores or online once you start shopping for those fall looks. Basically, I have done our fashion homework so here is my cheat sheet for fall. The only thing left for you to do is find your favorite pieces that will work with your current wardrobe. Simply use this report as a guide the next time you’re out shopping for the next trending pieces. If you find yourself still needing help just shoot me an email and we can discuss my styling packages.

SB – Fall 2022 Trend Prediction Report

Some links below are affiliate links which will pay me a commission for my referrals. At no extra cost to you.

Fall trend prediction 2:
Shop Cargos

Fall trend prediction 3:
Shop Sheer printed tops

Photo by Felipe Parucker on Pexels.com

Fall trend prediction 4:
Shop Corsets

Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

Fall tend prediction 8:
Shop Mary Janes

Photo by Dellon Thomas on Pexels.com

Which is your favorite trend for fall 2022? Let your girl know in the comments

Your Girl – SB