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I am proud to say is an ambassador for an online boutique out of Maryland who has built partnerships with churches, and organizations nationwide so that with every purchase that is made, a portion goes back to help victims of domestic violence which is a cause that I feel very close to as I am a survivor.

Shop couture for a good cause! Their entire inventory of couture clothing, designer shoes and handbags on their website Click Here to view ShashaStyles inventory use code stilettoboss2 at checkout to receive a special discount.

* I do receive a commission at no cost to you for my referral

I have featured my current obsessions from


Dolce & Gabbana




Dolce & Gabbana

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Kandee Withdrawl


What am I talking about? If you’re not familiar with kandee shoes, let me catch you up they are a kick-ass shoe company out of London who I fell in love with about five years ago. I am praying for my SOLES that the company gets back sooner than later cause I’m having severe withdrawal symptoms. So I put together a few of my all-time favorite pieces of kandee for my readers.

They are ALL on my must-have list. Which would you wear?

Follow @KandeeOfficial for all updates and shoe news.

Update: 2019 is the year Kandee Returns 💃

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Fashionable Woman Can’t Get Enough Of These 5 Things

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When it comes down to the nitty gritty there are 5 things that every fashionable woman just can’t get enough of. Regardless of how many or how much they have they will continue to buy these items in the name of fashion.

1. Shoes-  Shoe are the foundation of any chic outfit. How else are you supposed to rule the world?

2. Jeans- At least 5 pairs of jeans. One for each color option in your favorite cut.

3. Lipgloss- How many different shades of lipgloss, lipstick or chapstick are in your bag right now? Exactly

4. Nail polish- There is a box, case, or bag filled with nail polish you have been collecting since the fourth grade. A collection of shades for any occasion.

5. Scarves- With just one scarf in your closet you can make 5-6 new outfits!

What is the one item you MUST have more of? Mine are SHOES…

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How to Revamp Your Old Boots


What did you do with your last pair of boots that were either outdated or in need of tender loving care?

Did you just toss them into the back of the closet? Or Did you toss them into the donation bin? Let me show you what you can do to your next pair.

I added oomph to a pair of over the knee boots of mine that needed revamping. I turned them into a sequins sensation.

What you will need:

Pair of boots

Industrial glue (E6000)


Sequins material (I used an old dress)

New Heel caps (if needed)

Start with a clean surface. Put the boot on (or use a model). Place the glue as you lay the material to insure proper placement. I started at the top and worked my way down.

If you mess up quickly lift the material and place it in the right place. Keep glueing in sections until the entire boot is covered (I only covered the front of the boot). Pay special attention to areas with zippers to ensure you can zip them after revamp. Once all the sequins material is down let it dry as directed in glue packing. Cut the excess material off.

(I do not own the rights to this music)

Viola you now have a brand new pair of boots with lots of oomph.

This process can be repeated on any type of shoe with any type of material to freshen up your shoe selection.
Your girl who hustles in heels 

Fall Chic with Brin

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Brin is a beautiful nude lace bodysuit with a poof on the sleeves. Paired with a wide leg trouser this bodysuit will have them in aww as you enter your next event. I added a stiletto with an ankle strap and a gold earrings keeping jewelry to a minimal making the bodysuit my oomph for this outfit.

Want to add this bodysuit to your closet just visit tell Bobbi that Stiletto B0ss sent ya.