Mission: Prada

I arrived at the Goodwill at 8:40 a.m that was 20 minutes before they opened the doors yet despite having decided against stopping for coffee there was still a line by the time I arrived in the parking lot…

After some desperate sole searching throughout the store, I’m sad to report my mission Prada turned into mission nada. Come on did you really expect $10 Prada shoes to still be sitting on the shelf an entire day later? Deep down I had a gut feeling that they were “The Prada’s That Got Away” the moment I put them back on that shoe shelf and walked away. So I toke the L as a small reminder that if you love them buy them because those shoes probably won’t be there when you decide to go back for them.

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Fall Chic with Brin

Brin is a beautiful nude lace bodysuit with a poof on the sleeves. Paired with a wide leg trouser this bodysuit will have them in aww as you enter your next event. I added a stiletto with an ankle strap and a gold earrings keeping jewelry to a minimal making the bodysuit my oomph for this outfit.

Want to add this bodysuit to your closet just visit www.ShopHiddenTreasuresBoutique.com tell Bobbi that Stiletto B0ss sent ya.