Spring Trend Predictions for 2021

Spring is around the corner and I couldn’t be any happier. I have scanned fashion magazines, fashion websites, and social media to bring you my Spring 2021 trend predictions.

Here are 8 trends you should have in your closet this spring.

Structured Shoulders

There is nothing that makes an entrance more grand than big shoulders. Balmain vibes all the way. Let’s try to remember to keep the bottom half of your outfit slim or fitted as to not take away from those fabulous shoulders.

Mesh Netting

A great layering piece in the Spring. Netting over blazers, tops, pants, and netted bags 😯 or sheer netting on your shoes like the new Jessica Rich Collection

Oversized suits

Slouchy oversized suits make my heart so happy. I can remember wearing oversized everything in the 90’s it’s nostalgic but also on trend from Paris runways to city streets.

Linen Pants

I mean who doesn’t have a pair of linen pants in their closet rn? If you don’t then it’s time. I’m seriously, obsessed by how lightweight and airy they are. Dress them up or down.

Bra Top

Everyone knows a bra goes under your shirt… but why? I want to wear my bra as a top. For those who are aren’t comfortable with that option as top just add a t-shirt under or a killer blazer🤘🏽

House Slippers

I know, I know but listen to me for a sec. “You need to invest in a pair of comfortable and extra chic slippers” ones that can withstand you running errands in them.

Trench coats

Get you a fabulous trench coat. One that you can wear on cooler days make ANY outfit a little more chic just by throwing it on.

Unique Shaped Bags

Handbags are for every season but unique shaped bags will make your outfit speak for itself.

Whit Knee High Boots

Trust me on this one adding knee highs boots to your closet will be a great addition. They are great for walking and match almost any outfit.

I hope that my tips will be useful when you are putting your spring looks together and if you need some help feel free to contact me❤️

Your girl who hustles in heels -SB 👠💃🏽

Who Wore It Best? Rihanna or Kim K.

Can you choose one? Honestly? I can’t just take a look at the color of Kim K.s dress by Off White and how it perfectly pairs with the Alexander Wang pointed heel that works with her hair color for that pretty pink princess vibe.

Bts of this shoot with @sitabellan coming soon on my app! Wearing @off___white

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Now look at Rihanna’s cotton candy blue tulle dress by Goddard, which was effortlessly paired with an all white sneaker for some serious street chic vibes.

Bts of this shoot with @sitabellan coming soon on my app! Wearing @off___white

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Both looks are uniquely beautiful even though the looks are very similar but don’t all BIG TULLE dresses look similar?

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