Naledi Sesinyi Luvabulls Reunion

Fashion, Styling

Naledi Sesinyi is a former Luvabulls cheerleader, an NBA Cheerleader Captain Alumni Chicago Bulls “LUVABULLS”  and currently a boss babe personal trainer who will help you with all your fitness needs.

Back in March, Naledi contacted me because she had been invited back to perform with the Luvabulls for their 40 years reunion and performance. I quickly went to work to put together an outfit she would be proud of.

I am so pleased that Naledi loved what I put together for her and I want to thank her for trusting me with her look for this event. I know how important it was for her to look amazing for her return to Luvabull organization for that night.

Be sure to follow her journey on Instagram @NalediSesinyiFitness

Naledi at United Center