Phomaz Handbags

I have partnered with boss babe Beth Swanson from to bring my readers 20% off their next Phomaz Handbag when they use code Sboss at checkout 😘
Photo by Dimi Production

I love my Phomaz Handbag for the showstopper that it is and the conversations that it starts. Reasons why I chose to become an ambassador for these unique handbags.

Phomaz handbags have a foam patent design that makes them so fashion forward. These handbags are made in Chicago, Il and have walked runways in Boston, Chicago, & Paris. They have been featured in British Vogue and Vogue 100. 

Checkout my collaboration with Phomaz and my painting skills. I present Berry #designsxSB handpainted Phomaz clutch (held my ANTM Jaselene Gonzalez)

Mini Phomaz collection x SB

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