Lingerie in a Taxi

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I just styled a shoot downtown Chicago for photographer Polo Gibson and model Nikki Chachere. We made the city our backdrop, made my van the “Glam Mobile” and we got to work.  I was told that Nikki needed something extra sexy because she was going to be hailing a taxi in traffic. Here is the look that I put together.

Mission accomplished! Extremely proud of this look. Thank you Monique at Elan Azzure for this beautiful coat. Would you like to see some behind the scene pictures next shoot??? I’d love to hear some feed back.


Want to see more pictures from this shoot???

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Fur Real the only fur that makes sense

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My mom passed down an old rabbit fur coat. I’m not one for real furs but since it was a gift I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what the hype is all about.

The coat sat in my closet for almost a year until I decided that it needed something to match my wonderful personality before I could wear it.

I took the fur in my garage and it came out with a new attitude “Fur Real”

Before you ask- yes! I spray painted rabbit fur. No! I’m not crazy. And Yes! It’s available to purchase on my Poshmark Closet

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The Thigh High Boots That Will Give You VIP Status

Fashion, Styling

Are you looking for that statement boot everyone will be looking at? These studded thigh high boots bring the “VIP” status to every outfit you can possibly put together!!! The moment I received these babies from my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t wait to put them on my feet.

For this look I had to pair ‘VIP” with a custom faux leather “Fashion My Fav. F-Word” jacket with a wool hat and a black suede clutch.

VIP Studded Thigh High boot

Fem by stilettob0ss featuring a VIP

VIP Black



These Fuzzy Shoes

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Earlier today I opened up my direct message on my instagram for “Styling Question” and this was the first one that came across from my follower @Neshastacks20171104_150446.png

I was asked to help with styling this fuzzy shoe. My first thought was it is so LOUD (loud is never a problem) I didn’t want any part of the outfit to over power this shoe.

Here are the details:


So, I went with an all black outfit and added a pop of colour with the duster and the handbag.


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D.I.Y Belt Bag

Fashion, Styling

This will probably be the easiest DIY that I have done ever. 

Things you need 

  1. Crossbody bag that folds over
  2. An adjustable strap that can be removed

Remove the adjustable strap and adjusted to the size of your waist where you want the belt bag to sit. Fold the bag over and put the strap through the fold and wear it on your waist opposed to as a crossbody. 

I told you super easy!! I’d love to hear your thoughts? 

Your girl who hustles in heels