Fall Chic with Brin

Brin is a beautiful nude lace bodysuit with a poof on the sleeves. Paired with a wide leg trouser this bodysuit will have them in aww as you enter your next event. I added a stiletto with an ankle strap and a gold earrings keeping jewelry to a minimal making the bodysuit my oomph forContinue reading “Fall Chic with Brin”

Im-perfect Jeans

I’m 5’2 so mostly all of my jeans become IM-PERFECT JEANS (as I like to call them) in my closet. Here is how easy I make my jeans the IM-PERFECT pair. What you need: Jeans Scicorrs F.Y.I – I recommend putting the jeans on or taking a pair that already is the desired length to markContinue reading “Im-perfect Jeans”

Issa Fashion Emergency

Saturday night while checking my notifications on my phone, I see one that requires immediate attention – one that is a FASHION EMERGENCY! @Nenitaa96 has a wedding to attend in less than 24hrs. She sends me a picture of the dress that she has already purchased and the complete look pops in my head. IContinue reading “Issa Fashion Emergency”