Comfy Chic is the New Normal but Shoes are Now Optional

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Since working from home seems to be the new normal for most individuals these past couple of weeks, I put together some comfy work from home outfits that are sure to make you feel chic. The first week you were probably extremely excited to be at home working in your pj’s this week, but you might need some help navigating this new normal of comfy chic we all find ourselves in. If you are like me then at times you find yourself wondering why should I even get dressed. I have found that: getting dressed, putting minimal makeup on, or even just brushing my hair puts me in a boss bitch mode. whenever I’m in that mode I typically get a lot of shiii done. Try these tips and tricks and I promise it could help with your mental health, make you feel more confident, and you will get shi done.

It doesn’t take much effort but a pretty top, highlight, chapstick, and a messy bun are at the top of my list when working from home. In the event that you have to facetime with a client you are more than prepared, at least from the waist up. You can incorporate a comfy harem pant or legging to complete your look. I can’t believe im saying this but here is when shoes are definitely optional unless you have to step outside which at that point it is totally up to you.

What to wear today is probably last on your mind with all the problems in the world but this is my hustle and I’ll be here to help you look as chic as possible through it all. I know I am super vain but we all have that one friend 🙂

Your Girl who Hustles in Heels,


Gold Boots Get a Revamp

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Before: Gold boot revamp

Last week while I looked over my DM’s there was a fashion emergency that required my full attention. My fabulous friend and client Alexis was in need of a pair of red boots or booties. I looked in my SB Styling Closet for any shoes in her size. I only had a clear shoe and a gold pair of lace-up thigh highs boots as her options. I offered a SB revamp on the gold boots to make them match her costume for her fashion competition.

I took some very simple items and added some SB Majik to an old pair of gold boots to create some kick-ass fukn boots that sparkle so nice!!! Turned it into a d.i.y bih, what more do you want.

side note: boots are for one show and not for everyday wear.

After SB Revamp
Alexis @HairFlips_in_Spanish in custom Boots x SB. Big congrats to Alexis as she took 1st place in the competition!!

Heres what youll need:

Old boots

Spray paint


spray adhesive or gorilla glue

blue painters tape

steel wool medium grade

Protective gloves (recommended)

New laces – I used 2 – 5 yard metallic trim from Hobby Lobby

Start by scuffing the entire boot with the steel wool. Then tape off any hardware or areas that you do not want to paint. Hang your boots in a well-ventilated area and begin to spray them. Once they are painted wait 23-36 hours for the paint to dry. Once dry remove the blue tape and glue down rhinestones. Let sit for another 2-4 hours. Once dry lace up and enjoy your new babies.

Revamped a pair lately? or do you a have a suggestion for what my next d.i.y should be? Drop a comment here our on my IG

Your girl who hustles in heels


Borris Powell Calm Waters 2020

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Last night I attended Borris Powell Calm Waters fashion show at The Palmer House, AND LET ME TELL YOU, WOW! Borris Powell puts on one heck of a fashion show. If you have ever attended one of his show’s you know how unpredictable they can be, but one thing you do know is how fkn amazing they are. Borris opened the show alongside the live band and singers, putting me and everyone else in a fabulous mood.

Calm Waters truly lived up to its name, and calmed my soul once I sat in myseat. Despite having broke two nails and losing my phone on my way to the event I had an amazing time. I was able to watch the entire show without the distraction of notifications. Although I was sad that I didn’t get the pictures I wanted I was able to get a few, thanks to my bff and her phone.

I was wearing a legging set made by Borris Powell that I paired with: a clear bag which held my Borris Powell lipstick, clear shoes, and an oversized black coat. I received so many compliments while walking into the hotel, especially in the women’s bathroom.

some of my favorite looks were: the florals, knitted 2 piece sets, and Borris’s famous suits that walked the runway, and circled around the center stage. I am completely in love with the new collections. I can’t wait to use some of the new Borris Powell designs in my styled shoots.

Thank you Borris Powell for inviting me to the event and for dressing me.

Your girl that hustles in heels


Studio 54 BMFW #StyledxSB


I was completely honored to have styled a scene in Studio 54 for Blake Martin Fashion Week. I tell you that the show was amazing the lights, the music, the models and the venue Studio 54 BMFW was lit 🔥

Behind the scenes prep work
Daish and Bri
Daish in #DesignsxSB
Daish, Zeke, and Bri

Thankful and grateful to be a part of such an amazing production and experience. Thank you Blake Martin for trusting me with a part in your show.

More to pics come from this show.

What Tha Fringe

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I created these fringe hats to walk down the runway at Blake Martin Studio 54 Fashion Show on 2.23.2020 at the Zhou Art Center located at 1029 w. 35th Street in Chicago.

The fringe look was inspired by a pin I ran across on Pinterest. I had previously made a hat for a photo shoot a couple years ago “Perfectly Covered” so I built of that knowledge and created “What Tha Fringe” the perfect hat for the individual who is Extra AF!!!

Now i’m extremely excited to see them walk down the runway in 4 days and see the crowds reaction to my designs and styling. I can’t believe how amazing they look or at least I think that they do 😩🤣❤

I heard that as of right now tickets are extremely limited GET THEM HERE!

Hope to see you there! I’d love to link up!

Dress Rehearsals for Studio 54 Chicago
Video x Blake Martin

💟 Tickets 💟