Veronica Sheaffer SS 2022 Runway Show

Last night’s fashion show was short, sweet and filled with high fashion! A perfect night if you ask me. If you aren’t familiar with Veronica Sheaffer, her top can be seen in my lastest Harper’s Bazaar Editorial and not to mention her entire collection is magical, fluffy and gives me bad B vibes. The newContinue reading “Veronica Sheaffer SS 2022 Runway Show”

Borris Powell Calm Waters 2020

Last night I attended Borris Powell Calm Waters fashion show at The Palmer House, AND LET ME TELL YOU, WOW! Borris Powell puts on one heck of a fashion show. If you have ever attended one of his show’s you know how unpredictable they can be, but one thing you do know is how fknContinue reading “Borris Powell Calm Waters 2020”

Studio 54 Fashion Show Tickets

Many of you know that I will be styling a Blake Martin Production Fashion Show this February 2020. There have been some updates to the show. The date has changed from 2/14/2020 to 2/23/2020 and the NEW location is Zhou B Art Gallery. I hope to see y’all there 🤘 #FashionGang Tickets can be purchasedContinue reading “Studio 54 Fashion Show Tickets”