Gold Boots Get a Revamp

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Before: Gold boot revamp

Last week while I looked over my DM’s there was a fashion emergency that required my full attention. My fabulous friend and client Alexis was in need of a pair of red boots or booties. I looked in my SB Styling Closet for any shoes in her size. I only had a clear shoe and a gold pair of lace-up thigh highs boots as her options. I offered a SB revamp on the gold boots to make them match her costume for her fashion competition.

I took some very simple items and added some SB Majik to an old pair of gold boots to create some kick-ass fukn boots that sparkle so nice!!! Turned it into a d.i.y bih, what more do you want.

side note: boots are for one show and not for everyday wear.

After SB Revamp
Alexis @HairFlips_in_Spanish in custom Boots x SB. Big congrats to Alexis as she took 1st place in the competition!!

Heres what youll need:

Old boots

Spray paint


spray adhesive or gorilla glue

blue painters tape

steel wool medium grade

Protective gloves (recommended)

New laces – I used 2 – 5 yard metallic trim from Hobby Lobby

Start by scuffing the entire boot with the steel wool. Then tape off any hardware or areas that you do not want to paint. Hang your boots in a well-ventilated area and begin to spray them. Once they are painted wait 23-36 hours for the paint to dry. Once dry remove the blue tape and glue down rhinestones. Let sit for another 2-4 hours. Once dry lace up and enjoy your new babies.

Revamped a pair lately? or do you a have a suggestion for what my next d.i.y should be? Drop a comment here our on my IG

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Repurpose Old Hoop Earrings

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I had a pile of single hoop earrings sitting in a ziploc bag collecting dust on a shelf because tbh I figured that one day the one earring trend would catch back on or that I would repurpose them into something fabulous. What are we supposed to do when we lose or break one hoop?? Like everyone I googled it and I found some helpful tips but nothing that seemed to give me the feels.

After some serious deliberation and a few cups of cafe I figured out what to do. I took these long lost hoops and created an #ExtraAf accessory that can be used as a necklace or belt.


Where would you wear this to? Should I add this to my poshmark closet? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Repurposed Jacket D.I.Y

DIY, Fashion
Repurposed Military Jacket

One fuzzy sweater and one military jacket turned into one fabulous repurposed jacket that is sure to make a statement.

White Fuzzy Sweater
Military Style Jacket

I removed the sleeves on both items at the shoulder seam, removed all buttons and the belt off the military jacket. Then sewed the fuzzy sweater sleeves to the military jacket at the seams and then put on new gold buttons. Finally Replaced the original belt with a gold belt.

I gave my jacket some street vibes by adding some cities id love to visit and on the back I tagged my city.

Will be adding this jacket to my Poshmark Closet!

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Photo: Lori Sapio, Mua: Premdai, Hair: JessT, Styled by stilett0b0ss

D.I.Y Motorsport Boots

DIY, Fashion

I turned a plain black boot into a motorsport style boot for a photoshoot last week. Here is a quick D.I.Y for anyone looking for a similar look for any halloween shoes.

basic boot

I took an old pair of satin Isaac Mizrahi boots added a dash of extraness.

before and after boots

This D.I.Y basically is 3 steps

  1. Measure and cut the reflective tape
  2. Remove backing and place where you would like.
  3. Repeat on next shoe


(2) two- strips of high resolution reflective tape


Old boots

*side note the E600 was used to help keep the edges secure.



How do you think I did? Tell me in the comments.

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