Pajama Chic?

Did I just ask you about pajama wear? Before you knock it let’s look at camis or slip dresses… they are inspired by previous pajama trends. Designers have kicked it up a notch with the looks we see on Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. Full pajama ensemble as these celebrities hit red carpet events or walk the city streets.

Now just because the celebrities are doing “it” doesn’t mean that I would do “it”. I’m all for comfort and chic but I personally would tone it down some. Maybe a pajama top with a pair of jeans or a silk robe over a onepiece. I’ll leave the full pajama look to the celebrities who can effortlessly roll out of bed and head straight to a red carpet event.

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MAC Lovers

Do you love Mac? Do you love FREE? I’m going to share with you a life changing secret. MAC lipstick is offering it to you by simply bringing in 6 empty Mac containers (Foundation bottles, lipstick tubes, Blush compacts) and you can pick out any Classic lipstick in shade of choice.

Just visit go to their website, select which 6 empty containers you are going to donate then pick out your favorite 3 shades and in no time you will have one in your mailbox. This is one way for you can help the environment and feed your makeup obsession for FREE. 

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How to Ace All Black

Black is as classic as Channel and as bold as Balmain. It seems as if I incorporate black into every outfit I put together. It’s safe to say that my favorite colors are black, faded black, light black, deep black, jet black, and blue black. One can never have to much black in their closet, from shoes to clothes.

Do you want to look fabulous in ALL black outfit without feeling like a dark angel? Here is my secret to putting together the dopest darkest outfit in your wardrobe. My secret consists of pairing different shades or textures of black and adding a pop of metal! That’s it… Nothing extra ordinary-by adding different shades or textures of black into the outfit you give it different dimensions creating the illusion that there is more there than just black. 

Women who wear black lead colorful lives – Neiman Marcus 

Let’s take this weeks #StyleOfTheWeek look that I put together.