baby phomaz on gucci bag #styledxsb

Phomaz Handbag x SB

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Recently I collaborated with boss babe Beth Swanson from Phomaz Handbags and the Phomaz Baby Collection was born. We wanted to create a baby bag that would be fashionable and trendsetting while serving the purpose of storing the small important things like cash, lip gloss, or weed #stashbag.

baby phomaz on phomaz clutch

The Baby is an accessory for your accessories. The baby bag can be worn around your neck, around your wrist and clipped your handbag. The bag is available in black or gold on

You can style it up or down from chic to street. It can hang with you all around town while you run your errands or while you have a night out. I had to style Nikki Chachere and give that visual of how to wear baby Phomaz. It pairs great with just about any look. Here are three I put together for Nikki at Phomaz Headquarters:


Which is your favorite look? What would you modify to make this look yours? Comment on my IG TV post your answers.

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Statement Coats


Trying to keep warm and look chic can be especially difficult in a city like Chicago during the cold winter months the best way to express yourself when it comes to your wardrobe is by having one or two kickass statements coat in your closet. A statement coat is one that will explain who you are without you having to utter one word.

Photo by Collis on

I shopped to bring you my top picks that will definitely keep you warm and chic this winter.

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charcoal modeling peel off mask

Masqueology Charcoal Mask – Weirdly Amazing

I recommend mixing ingredients in a bowl

A couple of days ago, I tried the weirdest mask ever… Why was it weird? because once it dried it became rubbery and clumpy. The mask says it would purify, control my pores, calm and hydrate my skin so I had to see.

This blog contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Here comes the amazing part:

Fresh face after mask

Thanks to Masqueology Charcoal Modeling Peel Off Mask my skin was glowing, it felt clean, refreshed and hydrated. 2 days later I am still noting the difference. I will be adding a few more of these into my amazon cart despite the messiness.

Your Girl Who Hustles in Heels


What To Wear To Thanksgiving

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Every year my friends ask me for advice on what they should wear to Thanksgiving. This year I’m going to get ahead of y’all and just put these 5 suggestions to keep you fabulous & comfy during dinner.

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  1. Tops: Should be oversized to help hide the bulge you will have after your third serving at dinner.
  1. Bottoms: These should be a form of leggings, jeggings or anything that has more than 2% spandex
  1. Shoes should be comfy but should make a strong statement since you are in leggings. They should also be able to support you when your feet swell from the salt.
  1. Accessories keep simple but make it fashion. Don’t want accessories falling into anyone plate as you reach for the rolls.

If you keep these 5 suggestions in mind when putting your Thanksgiving outfit together you should look fabulous and be extra comfy through out dinner.

Your Girl Who Hustles In Heels


Repurposed Jacket D.I.Y

DIY, Fashion
Repurposed Military Jacket

One fuzzy sweater and one military jacket turned into one fabulous repurposed jacket that is sure to make a statement.

White Fuzzy Sweater
Military Style Jacket

I removed the sleeves on both items at the shoulder seam, removed all buttons and the belt off the military jacket. Then sewed the fuzzy sweater sleeves to the military jacket at the seams and then put on new gold buttons. Finally Replaced the original belt with a gold belt.

I gave my jacket some street vibes by adding some cities id love to visit and on the back I tagged my city.

Will be adding this jacket to my Poshmark Closet!

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