Moisturizing Mask

This cold temperature has my hair feeling a bit dry and corse. My mom has been telling me about this hair mask that I should try. 

I’m so glad I finally gave ut a try. This mask has my curls are feeling extra soft and bouncy!


1. Aloe Vera leaf

2. Raw honey

3. Coconut oil 

4. Mixing bowl (not pictured) 

Cut open the aloe vera and spoon out all the gel into the mixing bowl then add 3 tbs of the coconut oil and 2 tbs of the raw honey. 

After mixing all ingredients detangle your hair and start rubbing the mixture from scalp to the ends. Once all your hair is covered in the mixture pin up or put in a bun for 25 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Shampoo and condition as normal. 

This is my hair before

Before hair mask

Here is my hair after: 

After hair mask

I am extremly happy with the results. Have you tried any hair masks? Leave your favorite hair mask in the comments below. 

Your girl who hustles in heels 

These Fuzzy Shoes

Earlier today I opened up my direct message on my instagram for “Styling Question” and this was the first one that came across from my follower @Neshastacks20171104_150446.png

I was asked to help with styling this fuzzy shoe. My first thought was it is so LOUD (loud is never a problem) I didn’t want any part of the outfit to over power this shoe.

Here are the details:


So, I went with an all black outfit and added a pop of colour with the duster and the handbag.


Do you have styling questions? Drop them in the comments or email me   Stay in the Know for all updates Your Girl that Hustles in Heels

D.I.Y Belt Bag

This will probably be the easiest DIY that I have done ever. 

Things you need 

  1. Crossbody bag that folds over
  2. An adjustable strap that can be removed

Remove the adjustable strap and adjusted to the size of your waist where you want the belt bag to sit. Fold the bag over and put the strap through the fold and wear it on your waist opposed to as a crossbody. 

I told you super easy!! I’d love to hear your thoughts? 

Your girl who hustles in heels 

How to Revamp Your Old Boots

What did you do with your last pair of boots that were either outdated or in need of tender loving care?

Did you just toss them into the back of the closet? Or Did you toss them into the donation bin? Let me show you what you can do to your next pair.

I added oomph to a pair of over the knee boots of mine that needed revamping. I turned them into a sequins sensation.

What you will need:

Pair of boots

Industrial glue (E6000)


Sequins material (I used an old dress)

New Heel caps (if needed)

Start with a clean surface. Put the boot on (or use a model). Place the glue as you lay the material to insure proper placement. I started at the top and worked my way down.

If you mess up quickly lift the material and place it in the right place. Keep glueing in sections until the entire boot is covered (I only covered the front of the boot). Pay special attention to areas with zippers to ensure you can zip them after revamp. Once all the sequins material is down let it dry as directed in glue packing. Cut the excess material off.

(I do not own the rights to this music)

Viola you now have a brand new pair of boots with lots of oomph.

This process can be repeated on any type of shoe with any type of material to freshen up your shoe selection.
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