Vogue Rewear Challange: 5 Ways to Style a Tulle Skirt

When I heard about Vogue’s Rewear Challenge, I knew I had to jump in. The challenge involves styling a single piece of clothing in as many ways as possible, and as someone who loves styling, I couldn’t resist. However, as someone who dislikes being on camera, I was apprehensive about the video aspect of the challenge. Little did I know that this challenge would push me to my limits and become a five-hour ordeal that would leave my closet in a complete mess.

For the challenge, I decided to use a black tulle skirt from Chicago fashion designer Alicia Perrillo as my piece of clothing. It was a stunning and versatile piece that I knew would work well with different styling techniques. I paired the skirt with a t-shirt, a hoodie, a blazer, a corset, and a pair of camo pants to create five distinct looks.

The first look was a casual one, pairing the skirt with a Phomaz t-shirt and puffer white boots.

The second look was an edgier one, featuring the skirt with a leather mini skirt over it, hoodie and clear heels.

The third look was a sophisticated one, pairing the skirt with a blazer and denim SB upcycled wedge boot.

The fourth look was a daring one, featuring the skirt with a corset over a men’s shirt and Coco + Peach jewelry pieces.

And finally, the fifth look was a playful one, pairing the skirt with a pair of camo pants as a top and a Phomaz Handbag.

The video that I shared on my Instagram Reels only showed a small fraction of the effort that went into this challenge, but it was enough to give my followers a glimpse of my creative process. In the end, the Rewear Challenge was a lot of fun!

And the cherry on top of this whole challenge? After a few days, I received a message in my dm’s from Vogue Club they wanted to share my reel on their Instagram account! Seeing my work being recognized by a reputable fashion platform was an incredible feeling and made all the effort and hard work well worth it. Thank you Vogue Club 💌

Your Girl – SB

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