Shoesday Tuesday Vol 1 New Year edition

Let’s start off 2023 on the right foot with a big Happy New Year & a cheers to our first Shoesday Tuesday of the year!

Photo by Hooram Cohen on

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. The time has come to switch out the open toe heels and those lovely drinks for something we head back to reality in. Like the rainboots I keep seeing across my social media. I am a big fan of rainboots because one they are quiet chic looking with the right outfit and two they serve a great purpose, which is to keep my toes dry.

So, I went shopping and found a few I fell in love with. I’m sharing in case you wanted to jump in any poodles on your way back to work! selects each item that appears on this page and the company may earn compensation through affiliate links within the story.

Gracie, ASOS, $26
Dior, $1,850
Aquatalia, Nordstrom Rack, $259
Hunter, Zappos, $75
Tory Burch, Zappos $90

Which is your favorite? Share it 🙂

Your girl – SB

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