2022 Comes To An End

I find myself reflecting on this year as it comes to an end. Why does it seems like it has passed us by in a blink of an eye. I keep asking myself “where did year 2022 go?”

Then, I quickly remember it went something like this – January started out with a Vogue publication with Phomaz Handbags, followed by a Harper’s Bazaar cover with photographer Kendall Kinmair in March. Then a whirl wind of emotions and crazier moments that were equally as exciting as the others. But by the end of summer I was attending events hosted by Nigel Barker and then Marcellas Reynolds! Like who am I!?

The more I sit and think about this year, the more I begin to realize what an amazing year it has been. One big moment for the books was my 1 day trip to N.Y.C in June with photographer Alina Gofman. We partied with Vogue Club at The screening of V the Virgil Abloh documentary.

Another amazing moment was when my styling landed on the cover of InStyle with fashion photographer Lori Sapio and then my styling landed in Rome, Italy with Alina Gofman! I also collaborated with Ballet Chicago to upcycle a pair of ballet shoes that were to be raffled off to help Chicago ballerinas big thank you to board member & CEO at Coco + Peach Jewelry, Jessica Strang for including me in the project.

I have definitely made some wonderful connections and met some amazing people this year. Even played with the idea of having my own fashion agency by 2025 (I’m manifesting it). Let see what the future holds for stilett0b0ss.com

A million thanks to all who read, follow, like, share and show support!! Y’all are truly appreciated! A HUGE thank you to Fred, my husband who is my number one supporter and the reason I believe I can do ANYTHING. A special shout out to my “fashion board” who listen to the crazy ideas and help keep it all grounded. This year went FAST, but as I reflect on each lovely moment throughout I’m reminded how blessed and completely insane I am.

Cheers – See y’all in 2023

Your girl -SB

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