Four Quick, Easy, and Stylish Last Minute Halloween Costumes Right From My Closet

I waited too long to make a decision on my Halloween costume. Now we are days away, I need your help deciding which one to wear!

Photo by Harrison Haines on

I have narrowed it down to these 4 quick, easy, and stylish last minute ideas. The ideas work wonderfully for procrastinators like myself. They don’t require much planning and I had everything I needed to put the looks together in my closet.

  1. Ashley Banks, Fresh Prince- Plaid shorts, crest blazer, 90s vibe accessories
  2. Carrie Bradshaw – A tulle skirt, heels, a tshirt and a clutch
  3. Casual Princess – princess color outfit and simple accessories
  4. Wednesday Addams– Black dress, Black lipstick, black combat boots, and two braids

I hope this helps anyone who is still trying to put together their costume for Halloween 2022. Drop your vote in the comments or on Instagram

Your Girl – SB

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