The Queen’s Court #StyledxSB for Borris Powell

A theatrical fashion show is the best way to explain the Borris Powell experience. Borris transported everyone to the 16th century, modernized it with style while telling his personal story through song and dance. I was honored to style such a show. The show was located in Chicago at McGrath Acura

The collection is filled with royal blues, mustard and beautiful prints. I loved mixing all prints and having the opportunity to style each chaotic look while making it easier on the eyes to focus on pieces individually. The gold tights a brought balance in a chaotic scene surrounded by such royalty.

A special thank you to Alina Gofman who caught these great images from the show and behind the scenes of me working.

Also to my wonderful assistants Xan and Christine for their help. And my new favorite person, Abby who kept it so cool and made the production run smooth 😎

Truly an experience. I can’t wait for the next show! I love you Borris Powell

Your Girl – SB

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