New Year, New Opportunity, and New Shoes. Even though this year is starting off even crazier than last year I am wishing my boss babes a Happy New Year. May this year bring some peace and great fashion to all who read my blog.

We are seven days into the new year but why does it still feel so 2020ishhh… I mean 2020 was one hell of a crazy year but for me professionally it was my best year to date. It did expose my styling to some major publications like a cover in Glamour Bulgaria thanks to Kinmiar team & advertorial in British Vogue thanks to Phomaz team and I FLEW to the desert in Arizona with my hubby to meet up with Niketa and Polo Gibson for Wasteland Couture.

Side note I’m a proud grandma 🎉 2020 made me an official G before 40. Time to update my bio 🤣💖

Thank you for reading, sharing, leaving comments, and tagging your friends. I truly appreciate you all!! So many good things are coming up this year. I can’t wait to share with everyone. Stay tuned 💌

Your girl- SB

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