Bodysuit Obsession

Currently, I own too many bodysuits. I seem to be obsessed with them just because they help me look chic regardless of what I add on top of it. I have paired my bodysuit with joggers, denim jeans, slip dress, skirts, and shorts. You can’t go wrong with adding a bodysuit as a layering piece under a sheer top, or a flannel shirt. The bodysuit gives you a tucked and effortless look. They smooth out your midsection and your back for a flattering look. Bodysuits can be comfortable when wearing the correct size. It should feel like it hugs your body if it feels stretched you probably should size up.

And yes, I know that bodysuits are a pain in the ass (literally) but let’s refer back to making certain that the bodysuit fits properly. So taken that into consideration you can see why I own way too many of these lol

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I put together some of my favorite bodysuits styles from

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