The 90s Mule is Back

So much can be learned from looking at older magazines. Why would you keep a magazine from seasons past? because it’s like a history book, it contains lessons of fashion trends month by month year to year. Some trends repeat and some fade away but none the less they were a thing.

One past shoe trend that is alive and well this summer season would be the 90s mule.  What is a mule? It’s a style of shoe with no back or tie around the foot heel according to Wiki mules date back to ancient Rome but did not become popular until the 16th century Europe.

The 21st century gives this shoe a whole new level of chic. I’m typically a stiletto type of girl but with the number of years that I’ve been stomping in 6 inch heels my feet can appreciate this new level that mules bring with their 3.5-inch heel +

Comfy level varies from designer to designer as with any shoe but since when do we buy shoes for comfort?? Just be certain to get the right size, fit, and that your heel is not hanging over the back of the shoe.

You can style your mule with a sundress, denim pants or Bermuda shorts. I have seen stockings paired with mules across magazines I don’t shy against it depending on the style of the mule and the design of the sock I think you can definitely pull it off.

If you just can’t wear a heel but love mules there are flat mules that can be styled with absolutely anything in your closet.

I’ve added some of my favorite mules to a look book for inspiration

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I also have added links to shop your favorite mules on

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