Comfy Chic is the New Normal but Shoes are Now Optional

Since working from home seems to be the new normal for most individuals these past couple of weeks, I put together some comfy work from home outfits that are sure to make you feel chic. The first week you were probably extremely excited to be at home working in your pj’s this week, but you might need some help navigating this new normal of comfy chic we all find ourselves in. If you are like me then at times you find yourself wondering why should I even get dressed. I have found that: getting dressed, putting minimal makeup on, or even just brushing my hair puts me in a boss bitch mode. whenever I’m in that mode I typically get a lot of shiii done. Try these tips and tricks and I promise it could help with your mental health, make you feel more confident, and you will get shi done.

It doesn’t take much effort but a pretty top, highlight, chapstick, and a messy bun are at the top of my list when working from home. In the event that you have to facetime with a client you are more than prepared, at least from the waist up. You can incorporate a comfy harem pant or legging to complete your look. I can’t believe im saying this but here is when shoes are definitely optional unless you have to step outside which at that point it is totally up to you.

What to wear today is probably last on your mind with all the problems in the world but this is my hustle and I’ll be here to help you look as chic as possible through it all. I know I am super vain but we all have that one friend 🙂

Your Girl who Hustles in Heels,


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