b0ss Beauty Hacks

Here are 7 beauty b0ss hacks you will hopefully love.

Want longer lasting perfume? Before you apply your perfume dab a small amount of Vaseline in the spot you typically spritz.

Mascara in need of revival? – Put your closed tube of mascara in hot bowl of water helps moisten dried up mascara.

Want perfect eyelashes – Slightly bend your bristle brush of your mascara. Which will allow better control when applying it.

Stop mascara clumps – Apply a few eyedrops or saline solution to your mascara helps with the clumping.

Clumpy nail polish – If your nail polish is to thick you can add a few drops of nail polish remover to it to loosen it up a bit.

Matte Lipstick – If you have a glossy lip color that you would love matte, Find a eyeshadow shade close to that color and dab some of the eyeshadow over your lips and boom matte lips.

Cat eyes – Want the perfect cat eye use a dental floss toothpick to do the perfect wing. Dab on eyeliner to floss and lay it in place where you want to your wing.

Which was your favorite? Do yo have a favorite beauty hack? Drop it in the comments

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